Low Fat Diet Plan

A low fat diet plan can be the most difficult to follow since many people are accustomed to eating fast food meals and saucy pasta or that they simply love to take in delicious processed food. Yes, we know that fast foods can be a huge source of fatty foods, but still can be a popular choice.

Low fat diet plan
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Many people have attributed the obesity and heart problems from eating too much saucy and salty food from fast food joints. Although not many people prefer low fat diet plans, it can be very helpful especially in losing weight and increasing overall health.

Low Fat Diet Plan Reality

The reality is that a low fat diet plan does not mean that you are going to eat food with less flavor. Fortunately, there are far too many low fat food and fat free products available and are very tasty. You can still enjoy sumptuous meals, but get to have the health benefits.

The only drawback with that is low fat or fat free foods tend to be more expensive. But, you are not confined to those type of foods as you simply need to avoid consuming fatty foods and your low fat diet plan can be followed.

Low Fat Diet Plan Aim

The aim of the low fat diet plan is to make the dieter healthier and losing weight is only secondary. Many people with health problems are forced into this type of diet plan and you should not wait to be told by a nutritionist that you need to lay off certain comfort foods like chocolate, ice cream and cheesy pasta.

In fact, everybody needs to take on a low fat diet plan for a period of time to keep the body always fit and healthy. The basic thing to do is decrease the fat content that you eat. Now, that’s not hard to do right?

To stay true with your low fat diet plan, you need to control your fat intake into just 30% of the total calories that you consume. A gram of fat would result to 9 calories and 30% in a usual 2,000 calorie daily intake would mean 600 calories or just about 66.6 grams of low fat. This can be very helpful in calculating the amount of calories for each meal that you need to prepare.

To make it easier, you need to avoid products that come from animals such as eggs, butter and cheese as they contain lots of saturated fats. Do not let your saturated fats consumption exceed 10% of your total calorie intake. It would serve you well also to avoid fried foods and oily dishes. You will also find out that eating at home will be easier to control your diet as you will find it hard to look for a place with lots of low fat food choices in the menu, even if they say so.

A typical low fat diet plan would include healthy servings of whole grains, skim milk, fat-free yogurt, low fat cheese, several servings of fruits, lots of vegetables whether cooked or raw, chicken, turkey, fish, low-fat beef and foods that are genuinely labeled low-fat or fat free.

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