Protein Diet Plans and Replacing Carbs

Protein diet plans have become popular among people who are aiming to lose a significant amount of weight. The idea behind protein diet plans is replacing carbohydrates with foods that are high in proteins. Too much carbohydrate in the body can cause the blood sugar to spike and will trigger your body to produce more fat. Nutritionists and dietitians alike have proposed high protein diets not just for those who want to lose weight, but also for those who are nursing injuries and for children who are growing rapidly.

Protein Diet Plans

Proteins contain amino acids and helps build cells in our body. High protein diet plans are suitable for people who are trying to recover from an infection or illness, those who are working out to build more muscles, those who want to grow more hair or nails. This type of diet must be applied with exercise if the intention is to lose weight as unused proteins will be converted into energy. Proteins must be used to repair tissues or build muscle tissues in addition to weightlifting and aerobic exercises.

Protein diet plans contributes to your weight loss by primarily reducing the water weight from your body. When your body contains lots of carbohydrates, your body tends to store more water. With lesser carbohydrates, your body does not need to take in more water. The rapid weight loss over a short period of time is attributed mainly to a big reduction in the blood sugar levels.

A Typical High Protein Diet.

A typical high protein diet limits your carbohydrate and starchy vegetable intake. You can eat bacon and eggs for breakfast without toasted breads. For lunch, you can eat chicken breast or fish fillet without the skin with salad on the side. For dinner, you can simply eat any meat of your choice until you are filled up with some vegetables. The meals that you should take should consist of meat, fish, chicken, eggs and vegetables. While you are on a high protein diet, you must stay away from fruits and taking up sweet desserts to be able to maximize the protein consumption.

It is highly significant that you plan your high protein meals for you can only maintain this type of diet for only a short period of time. You need to avoid certain food like dairy products and some meat that contains too much unwanted cholesterol. There are many people prefer to eat only the white of an egg as it is the source of amino acids in eggs.

It is also wiser to eat fish and chicken more than eating red meat. Also, while on this diet, you should control the portioning of your meals and consume only until your hunger is satisfied. It is also better to do away with snacks and small meals. A prolonged high protein diet plan can result to constipation, diverticulitis, liver and kidney problems. It might even be better to consult your nutritionist before you start this type of diet especially if you are pregnant or lactating. This kind of diet plan can easily produce health problems if not carefully done.

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