Types of Diet Plans

Informational articles about different types of diet plans from the caveman diet to a gluten free meal plan

Gluten Free Meal

For some people, a gluten free meal is highly important especially for those with wheat allergy. Gluten free meals are also commonly called the “Celiac diet” or “wheat-free” diet. This type of diet absolutely contains no gluten, which is a protein found in whole grains like barley, malts, rye, triticale and wheat. [Read More]

Low Fat Diet Plan

A low fat diet plan can be the most difficult to follow since many people are accustomed to eating fast food meals and saucy pasta or that they simply love to take in delicious processed food. Yes, we know that fast foods can be a huge source of fatty foods..[More Info]

Protein Diet Plans

Protein diet plans have become popular among people who are aiming to lose a significant amount of weight. The idea behind protein diet plans is replacing carbohydrates with foods that are high in proteins. Too much carbohydrate in the body can cause the blood sugar to spike and will trigger your body to produce… [Read More]

High Protein Diet Plan

Many people who want to lose weight explore a high protein diet plan for it can be very effective while still allowing oneself to eat a substantial amount of food every day. This type of diet can also provide an extra boost of energy. That is the reason why many are switching to high protein

7 Day Diet Plan

A 7 day diet plan is mostly needed if you feel the holidays or your vacation allowed you to overindulge in food. Sometimes too much partying and drinking make you lose track of the healthy diet, thus, giving you the extra bulges you can’t even afford to look at.

Caveman Diets

The “Caveman Diets” or also known as “Stone Age Diets” and “Paleolithic Diets” is a modern dietary plan that basically depicts the ancestral human diet. It involves consumption of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts but does not include legumes, dairy products, grains, refined sugar, processed oils, and salt.